About Damn Time (or New Year, New Leaf)!

Wow! Look at me – finally putting pen to paper (metaphorically speaking). Just to let you know how significant that is, I had an unpeopled blog for WELL over a year without EVER writing one word. I finally felt so sorry for it that I deleted and decided to start over. If you’re gonna do a thing right best to start from scratch and begin as you mean to go on.

As you see in the title of the blog this is supposed to be about beading and random thoughts and questions about well, anything. I hope I find something to write about that’s interesting to others – else no one but me will ever read this (or more than once anyway). Honest to God, I don’t know if I have anything interesting to say. I hope someone besides myself finds something they like here. If not, we’ll just have to chalk it up to how NOT to write a blog. The thing that counts is that I’ve made a start, and that’s further than I’ve gotten before. Maybe I’ll improve as I go on.

Since I’ve just given you some (not so) random thoughts, I decided to include a beady bit in the same post just so I have something in here other than words written about words being written (sorry, couldn’t resist). .  The photo below shows a piece titled Storm Surge and it is one of a series that I call “Bandits”. The pieces in the series are all made from up-cycled watch bands. The Steam Punk artists use the innards of old watches to make some cool and incredibly awesome jewelry, but most of the bands go to waste. I decided I could do something about that, so the Bandit’s were born. Storm Surge is one of my particular favorites. It sold quickly and while I was quite happy for the income, I was saddened too. After all, like most of us, I make things I like… a lot. This makes it hard to part with when it comes time.

Well; I’ve gone and rambled on longer than I intended when I started this post.  To those of you who stuck around and suffered to the end, hope your eyes haven’t glazed over too badly. I’d love for you to come back sometime. I promise not to always be so verbose. In my own defense, though part of the blog title IS mental meanderings – guess you got a taste of that! Thanks for visiting and come back soon – feel free to comment!



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